Sam Shun Tattoos

Originally from New Zealand, Sam Shun enjoys creating tattoos with obscure elements and esoteric themes.

Specializing in black work and neo traditional styles, he enjoys tattooing detailed pieces that incorporate nature and the unseen world.



  • Pretty Woman Tattoo - Crimson Art Collective
    Pretty Woman Tattoo | Tattoos Melbourne
  • Octopus Leg Tattoo - Crimson Art Tattoos
    Octopus Leg Tattoo | Tattoos Melbourne
  • Cyanide Daisy Tattoo - Crimson Art Tattoos
    Cyanide Daisy Tattoo | Tattoos Melbourne
  • Simple Floral Tattoo - Crimson Art Tattoo
    Simple Floral Tattoo | Fine Line Tattoos Melbourne
  • Saint Fine Line Tattoo - Crimson Art Tattoos
    Saint Fine Line Tattoo | Tattoos Melbourne
  • Ying and Yang
  • Octometrist Fine Line Tattoo -Sam Shun Tattoos
    Octometrist Fine Line Tattoo
  • Lovely Lady Fillagree Frame Tattoo
    Lovely Lady Filigree Frame Tattoo
  • Hold Fast Knuckle Tattoo
    Hold Fast Knuckle Tattoo

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