Jackson Booth Tattoos

Jackson has been drawing and painting ever since he can remember.

He has always had an appreciation for artists who were able to recreate a person’s likeness down to the finest detail, and spent his spare time trying to perfect this skill. It wasn’t until 4 years ago after numerous jobs and falling in and out of love with making art that he was introduced to a new medium by Micky G – the art of tattoo.

He was instantly drawn to it , and soon enough started organizing his mates to come in and sacrifice some skin for him to practice on. 4 years on and Jackson has become a full time tattoo artist. 

Jackson enjoys tattooing anything realistic/surrealistic and is always down for a cool portrait of your family member, your favorite character from your favorite movie, or even your most loved musician! Although he predominantly tattoos in black and grey, he also enjoys doing colour work.


Jackson's Latest Works

  • Nuclear Mask Tattoo
    Nuclear Mask Tattoo | Tattoos Melbourne
  • Buddha Shoulder Tattoo - Crimson Art Tattoos
    Buddha Shoulder Tattoo | Tattoos Melbourne
  • The battle has just begun - Portrait Tattoos
  • Foo Dog Tattoo
  • Into the Woods - Portrait Tattoos
  • Jackson Booth Tattoos
    Lioness - Animal Tattoos
  • Robert De Niro Tattoo Portrait
    Robert De Niro Tattoo Portrait
  • Tiger Tattoo Shoulder Portrait
    Tiger Tattoo Shoulder Portrait
  • Beautiful Woman Clock Tattoo
    Beautiful Woman Clock Tattoo
  • Sailor Tattoo - Jackson Booth Tattoos - Best Portrait Tattoos Melbourne
    Viking Sailor Tattoo
  • Roulette Tattoo Leg Sleeve - Jackson Booth Tattoos, Best Realistic Tattoos
    Roulette Tattoo Leg Sleeve

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