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Tattoo Prices Melbourne

Without having a good understanding of the size, complexity and placement of your tattoo, it does make it quite hard to say exactly how much your tattoo might cost.  At times it can also be hard to understand someones vision or how much detail is involved in creating a tattoo.

If you are keen to get a vague quote jump on to our Facebook page – Crimson Art Collective  and shoot us a message, we will endeavor to get back to you with some further information about Tattoo Prices Melbourne as soon as possible!

If you’re after an exact tattoo price, drop in to our Footscray Tattoo Studio, 119 Hopkins Street Footscray and have a chat to any of our tattoo artists.

If you aren’t able to drop into the shop for a chat shoot us an email on

Minimum Cost
The cost of a minimum charge tattoo exists to compensate the artist for the time it takes to create a stencil and set up their work space this ensures that your tattoo is created in a clean and sterile environment.
Hourly Rate
$150per hour
Each of our tattooists charges differently for their work, some by the piece some per hour.

Please, if you are keen to get an idea of the costs of a specific tattoo please come in and have a chat to one of our artists.

Custom Designs
Each of our artists are equally talented in their specialized tattoo styles.

Please shoot us a message and book in a free consultation!

Custom Designs are free of charge when a booking commences, however a deposit may be required for detailed pieces.

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Tattoo Prices Melbourne

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