Choosing the right artist for your tattoo can be totally overwhelming.

There are SO many different studios each with claims of being the best tattoo artists Melbourne.

Best Tattoo Artists Melbourne

The best thing to do if you are feeling confused about where to go is to do a little research about the style of tattoo you are keen to get.  You may find that a studio near you has a specialist in that area.  Ask friends and family that have ink already where they went and make sure they were happy with their experience.

Ensuring the tattoo studio you decide upon is a clean and sterile environment and has the appropriate health department certifications is essential.  This is not only a protection for your health and safety but also will have a direct impact on the quality and longevity of your tattoo.

Finally COME in and chat to the artist you are keen to have designing your tattoo.   Make sure they are friendly and make you feel comfortable.  Once the decision is made and design is complete PLEASE make sure you speak up if you are not happy with any details, because.. forever.

Crimson Art Collective Tattoos has many artists all with varying styles, we are all super friendly and happy to chat at any time about ideas and collaborations on a concept.  That is why we are said to be the best tattoo artists Melbourne 🙂.

You can check out all our varying styles of tattoos [fine line tattoos, portrait tattoos, geometric tattoos, mandala tattoos – we cover them all!] by heading to our Instagram.

Look forward to meeting you!