Award Winning Tattoos

Award Winning Tattoos

The tattoo-versus-art debate has been around since the sailors traveled across the seven seas with new found ink obsessions inspired by traditions in Pacific and Polynesian islands. The body as a canvas was a new force that bucked conventional ideas of what art was.  It is this desire for new and groundbreaking tattoos that sends people in search of Melbourne’s Award Winning Tattoos.

For as long as tattoos have existed, tattoo artists have been doing on skin what artists do on traditional mediums… capturing stories, ideas and emotions. They have put people at the center of the art piece, creating walking galleries that exhibit permanently etched stories of places and people and memories.

As tattooing has grown in popularity and demand, more and more people are looking to tattooists for more than just flash tattoos and ink gun skills. They’re looking for a tattooist with their own artistic genius and style that aligns with the essence of the soon-to-be-tattooed; a co-creator who’ll take their personal story and transform it into an art piece they’ll wear for life as the ultimate expression of themselves.

That takes trust and belief in the tattooist as an artist. That’s why the best tattoo studio in Melbourne has forged itself as an artist collective above all else. Crimson Art Collective is undoubtedly home to incredible artistic genius and prides itself on offering the best custom tattoo designs in Melbourne.

Our Artists

The award winning tattoo artists that form the collective are innovators in visual storytelling. They’ll take the time to unpack your ideas and hear your stories.  And have the skill to transform that conversation into a unique artwork that speaks volumes for who you are and what you want your tattoo to represent. They’ll help you generate ideas, too, if you’re unsure what you want your ink to be. Each of these award winning tattoo artists have garnered a following based on their own unique style of art. And you won’t find just one style here.

Micky G is highly renowned for his full body art designs and portraits.   Not to mention his years of contribution to Melbourne’s street art scene.

Stephanie Amaterstein has a foundation in visual arts and specialises in geometric and watercolour tattoos.

Sam Shun loves turning esoteric themes into works of art.

And Jackson Booth does unbelievable photo-realism portraits and designs. A glimpse through their portfolios and it is easy to see why they are award winning tattoo artists.

You can see a mix of their styles on our Instagram Page.

Pop into Crimson Art Collective to chat to one of the artists now and prepare for the ultimate experience being the centre of your own art piece.