Award Winning Tattoo Artists Melbourne

Award Winning Tattoo Artists Melbourne

For as long as tattoos have existed, people have debated the question: is it art?

Using the body as a canvas bucked conventional ideas of what art was and defied socially acceptable norms of how the body should be used. Tattoos were taboo and only the badly behaved touted them. They were the ultimate act of rebellion. The tides may be turning, but still the question remains: is it art? Here at Crimson Art Collective, our award winning tattoo artists have got the answer and would like to lay this age-old debate to rest.

Hell yes, it is art. And our award winning tattoo artists Melbourne are here to tell you why. Let’s start with our name. It says it all really. First and foremost, we are a collective of artists. We live, breathe and think like artists. Long before anyone handed us tattoo guns and we became award winning tattoo artists, we made art. For as long as our sketchy memories let us, we remember making art. We made it everywhere; on walls, in sketchbooks, on canvas, in public spaces, on boards and wood and anywhere we could. No medium or location went untouched. Using the body as our canvases seemed like a natural progression.

We have poured every bit of energy we have into honing our skills and carving our creative voice and that’s how we came to be award winning tattoo artists.

Every artist in our studio has a unique style. We pride ourselves on being a diverse group of artists with a range of different styles that will appeal to each different person that walks through the doors of our studio.

As a collective, our award winning tattoo artists share a common goal – to create masterpieces with you as the main protagonist, transforming your body into a living, breathing gallery. Each of our award winning tattoo artists will take the time to hear your ideas and listen to your story. We are true believers in co-creating and with you at the centre of the art piece, nothing is more important than capturing you in the art. That’s what we are most skilled at.

You share your ideas and story and we’ll take everything you tell us and express it in words and images that will be the ultimate expression of who you are. If that’s not art, we don’t know what is. If you want to turn your body into a work of art, why not pop in to chat to one of our award winning tattoo artists today?