Tattoos Continued

Piece continued from HERE 4. Does size really matter? Well, when we are talking about tattoos it does and ‘how big do you want it?’ will undoubtedly be a question your tattooist will ask you. The size of your tattoo will also inform some design elements, like small writing in fancy fonts in awkward locations or wanting an epic scene in teensy tiny format. It’s all stuff you need to think about. And, the placement of your tattoo, the size of it will also beg the question about your pain threshold. Massive tattoos mean you’re sitting under the needle for a lot longer. You may even need more than one sitting to complete it. So, can you handle it? 5. What about our future? This may be your first tattoo and it may be difficult to see beyond this moment and into the future. But let’s just say… tattoos are addictive and you’re unlikely to stop at one. Before you know it, you’ll probably find yourself in a long-term relationship with the ink, putting every five cents you find on the floor into a tattoo jar. Or maybe you’ve already got a long line of tattoos and you’re planning to cover every bit of skin. Whatever the case may be you might want to daydream a little ahead and see into the future. Could this tattoo you’re about to get be part of a larger piece? A sleeve? A whole back piece? If that’s where your head is at, it may impact on the above two points when you’re thinking about size, placement and direction! 6. To colour or not to colour? That is the question. And it’s a personal answer. If you decide to go a colour tattoo, think about what colours you want. Maybe you only want a part of your tattoo in colour, or maybe the whole thing? Maybe you’re after a certain colour effect like those beautiful watercolour-style tattoos flying around? If you decide on a black and white tattoo, you might go a more sparse line piece or add in some stipple shading? Different tattoos may suit colour or black and white better. There are so many choices, but choose one that most suits what you want! 7. Are you the one? There are thousands of people out there doing tattoos. But not every one of those people will be the right one for you. Just like you’d research what tattoo you want, doing some research on the tattooist you want to do it would be a good idea too. Every tattooist has their own style, but you’ve got to find the style that suits you and your tattoo. You want to find a tattooist that listens to what you want too, and helps you carve your idea when you’re not sure. But it’s not just about style. It’s about comfort and compatibility. Find a tattooist you gel with. You’ll be in each other’s presence for a while! s 8. Word. Check, mate? So, you’ve done all the above. You’ve got an idea for a tattoo that represents who you are. You’ve done some research, decided where it’s going and how big you want it. You are really excited to get some sentimental names in your tattoo, and some important dates, too. Your tattoo artist has drawn it all up. You’re so excited and nervous you forget to double-check the spelling and the dates. Suddenly, your sentimental words are not so sentimental and you’ve added years onto a date. It’s easy done. So, check it, mate. Then check it again. Last thing you or your tattoo artist want is to experience that gut wrenching, messed up feeling.

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